Staff rental

Why hired labour?

New customer?

Already our customer?

From where and what kind of workers do we recruit?

karta 2

Our staffing process

dobra bemanning

1. Starting meeting

rekry dobra

2. Search for candidates

3. Interviews


4. Presentation of candidates to the customer

arbetsgivar ansvar

5. The customer approves the worker

dobra rekrytering

6. Preparatory matters such as possible relocation, accommodation, etc.

arbetsledning-dobra 8

7. Work management

Dobra + customer




“Staffing is particularly well suited when the need for staff variesr. The right opportunity to hire labor can be, for example, in high season, the need for substitutes or organizational changes. Dobra provides support and acts as a link between the employer and the employee throughout the process. Staffing via Dobra iseasy, fast and risk-free for the customer company.”

-Daria Kapusta, recruitment manager


Staffing is a service for companies that are in need of labor. Staffing is an efficient way to hire labor because you save both time and money. Through staffing, the company can hire labor with the right skills for a short-term or long-term need. The staffing process is handled by the staffing company so that the customer only needs to take care of the work management of the employee.

A staffing company is a company that employs employees who are hired for assignments as staffing consultants at other companies. Companies that need to hire staff can turn to a staffing company to cover their staffing needs both in the short and long term.igt.