Staffing services

Staff rental and recruitment

We offer staffing services. If you want to reduce the risks with employees, staff rental is right for you. We are involved from finding the employee until he arrived here and until he returns home. What about staffing services for those who want to hire themselves? Dobra also offers direct recruitment and we are looking for different employees from different parts of the world. So all companies need staffing services! Read more about our staffing services according to your needs!


Staff rental

Staffing through Dobra is easy, fast, and risk-free for the customer. As an employer, you can trust that you will receive a workforce that is chosen with care based on the requirements you set. We do not see any difference in where the workers come from, but work according to the customer’s wishes in language and knowledge. We also see no boundaries on industries or occupational groups. Sometimes we have workers that we can match with the customer’s needs already when the order is made, and sometimes we are looking for workers after the order has come from the customer. This is to match the customer’s needs.



Recruiting workers can be difficult and time-consuming. We at Dobra work with recruitment daily and have found ways to make the process fast, smooth, and reliable. We have routines on how to exclude candidates and we also take help from external selection aids if necessary. We look for candidates through different channels, put out job ads and advertise. Then we have interviews, aptitude tests, etc. Let Dobra take care of the entire process from start to finish, and we will find the worker you are looking for, regardless of industry or professional group.