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Recruitment is challenging and requires a lot of effort. Initially, it involves identifying how to attract applicants and which channels are effective, depending on the job position. Then, applications must be collected systematically and in compliance with GDPR rules. Finally, it’s essential to ensure that all applicants receive proper treatment, whether the response is positive or negative. All of this can be challenging if you don’t do it daily and lack the programs and structure to do so. By outsourcing recruitment to us, you can utilize the programs we use and ensure that all applicants receive the right treatment. At the same time, you free up a lot of work time that you can use to increase sales and grow your business.

Recruitment Services

Why Should Recruitment Be Outsourced?

Recruitment Services

When Should Recruitment Be Outsourced?

What kind of employees can we find?

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1. Kick-off meeting and needs assessment
2. Search
3. Screening of Applicants
4. Presenting Promising Candidates
5. The customer Selects
6. Aptitude test
7. You have a new star on your team

Get to know our services

Dobra offers staffing and accounting services and strives to make it as simple as possible for the customer.

Staffing services can encompass many different things. Our services include personnel leasing, recruitment, international recruitment, and HR outsourcing. With the help of these services, we aim to free up time for our customers so they can focus on their core business.

Accounting is about keeping track of the company’s finances. We want to offer our customers more than just traditional accounting. We provide advice to our customers on tax matters, investments, depreciation, and many other areas so they can make the right decisions for maximum profitability. Dobra has a strong partnership with Monitor ERP. We help our customers use and find good integration solutions between ERP modules and the accounting part of the program.

Simple, fast, and risk-free

Personnel Leasing

Personnel leasing is a service that allows companies to temporarily, project-based, or long-term access the workforce they need, especially during peak workloads or urgent periods. Customers don’t have to worry about administrative matters that come with hiring a person; instead, Dobra takes care of salaries and collective agreement follow-ups, etc.

Free up more working time!

Recruitment Services

Recruitment is a good option when you don’t want to use your own working time to search for personnel. Reviewing applications, conducting interviews, checking references, and complying with GDPR regulations require a lot of work. At Dobra, we have expertise in this area, and we have procedures and systems in place to make it as quick and smooth as possible.

Solve labor shortages with international experts!

International Recruitment

International recruitment is the process where companies search for labor from different countries to meet their specific needs. This may be necessary due to special skills or a lack of local labor. International recruitment typically involves handling complex immigration and visa processes, cultural sensitivity, and language skills. Dobra has been working with different nationalities from the
beginning and finds experts for various tasks!


Check out our customer stories

AMADA Automation Europe hired an employee through Dobra when the number of applicants decreased for certain positions. "I would recommend companies to try it! Cooperation with Dobra has been a good experience, a functional alternative that we can also use more in the future. It's a good way to get help during peaks and for shorter or longer periods." -Magnus Björkskog


At the start of our collaboration, we set a timeframe for how long we will search for
employees. If we don’t find anyone within that time, we extend it at no additional cost. If we
still can’t find anyone, we refund the client’s advance payment, and no charges apply. Our
goal is to be 100% reliable in delivery.

At the beginning of our collaboration, the customer pays 50% of the price, and the remaining
50% is paid when the employee starts. We do not prevent the customer from independently
searching for candidates simultaneously, but if they hire on their own, we do not refund the
advance payment, and we do not invoice the remaining portion. If the customer hires a
candidate that we have introduced to them because the candidate applied directly to them, we
invoice the full amount because we consider that candidate to be ours.

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