Dobra Finland simplifies entrepreneurship!

Dobra Finland is a company that through our services wants to simplify and facilitate everyday life for entrepreneurs. We offer staffing services and accounting services to companies that want to save time so they have the opportunity to focus on their core business.

Our Services


Staffing services

Staffing via Dobra is simple, fast and risk-free for the customer company. As an employer, you can trust that you will get labor which is carefully selected based on the requirements you set.


Accounting services

You can trust that we take care of the financial management, so you can spend your time at the company and spend the evenings with the family. Hire your financial assistant from Dobra

About us

Dobra Finland’s founder, all of whom are entrepreneurs earlier, noiced a shortage of competent personnel in the metal industryn. Based on that, they decided to start a company ThereTheycould eliminate those challenges they themselfencountered. Dobra Finland started as a staffing company but has today developed its business and also offers administrative and personal services.