Dobra's Story

The metal industry entrepreneurs Tommy Löfs, Sven Grankulla, and Timo Prittinen founded Dobra in 2019. All founders had extensive experience in entrepreneurship and felt that they invested a lot of time and resources in acquiring the personnel they needed for their companies. Based on these experiences, they began to contemplate the recruitment process and decided to establish a company where the challenges they had encountered would be eliminated. Initially, Dobra only offered staffing services, but since its inception, Dobra has evolved as a company and now provides not only personnel leasing but also recruitment, HR, and accounting services.

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Business area

Dobra has expanded from serving customers only in Ostrobothnia and cities such as Pietarsaari, Vaasa, Kokkola, and Seinäjoki to now having a concept that operates nationwide.


Our mission is to simplify entrepreneurship


We aim to be an role model for other companies by delivering high-quality services that exceed expectations


We want to be honest with our customers, partners, and employees, whether the news is positive or negative. We believe that honesty endures and it’s something we won’t change, even as our company grows.

Problems always arise when you’re doing things, but how you handle them makes the difference. At Dobra, we don’t want to feel superior to our customers but rather winners
together with our customers. We believe in the success of collaboration and achieve it by being open with our customers about the situation.

We want every job applicant to receive a response to their applications, even if the response is negative. Similarly, we want every customer to receive good service regardless of the size of their company. This is achieved through good practices and by constantly reminding ourselves and those around us about this.