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What is Change negotiations services?

Most companies at some point contemplate whether they have too many personnel resources or if the personnel resources are in the wrong place. At this stage, one possibility is to organize change negotiations. The company has many obligations towards its employees, and it can be difficult to keep in mind what is allowed and not allowed according to the law and the collective agreement in change negotiations. This is where our change service becomes handy. We help companies explore their options in the change and inform them about what the law says. Additionally, we prepare the necessary documents during the process and follow along from the beginning of the relocation until it is completed. If it feels uncomfortable to communicate and discuss with employees about their situation in the relocation, we can also assist in discussions either individually with employees or in a tripartite meeting with the client, Dobra, and the employee. We can also help employees find new jobs if they are laid off. If there are employees the client does not want to lose, we can temporarily lease them to other places so they can return to the client company when there is enough work.

Change negotiations services

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