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Monitor ERP

What is Monitor ERP?

Monitor ERP is, as the name suggests, essentially an ERP system designed for manufacturing companies. Monitor ERP has created a system where most of the functionalities needed by manufacturing companies are available in one system, making them popular among such businesses.

The modules available in Monitor ERP include manufacturing, purchase, sales, stock, time recording, and accounting. Having accounting directly in Monitor ERP offers several advantages for users. For example, it’s possible to track project costs and other financial aspects more accurately, reducing the risk of errors and providing a more efficient and transparent process for managing the company’s finances. Additionally, integrating the modules makes it easier to obtain real-time data, providing a better overall picture of the company’s financial situation.

Monitor ERP

Payroll and time recroding

In Monitor ERP, there is currently no payroll module available. This means that we need to use another program to process payroll for Monitor ERP customers. We have solved this by offering our customers Netvisor, where the customer does not need to do anything themselves with the program, and a small fee for the payroll program is added to our invoice. If the customer has their own program they wish to use for payroll processing, that is also possible.

Users can choose to clock their hours either in Monitor ERP or in Netvisor. Both programs have their pros and cons. By using time tracking in Monitor ERP, you can easily monitor project costs and integrate hours with other modules. In Netvisor, hours are already available in the program where they will be paid. To facilitate the use of time tracking in Monitor ERP for customers, we have created efficient systems/workflows that allow us to easily transfer hours from Monitor ERP to Netvisor without manual intervention or expensive third-party solutions. Once the salaries are paid, we smoothly transfer the salary verification documents from Netvisor to Monitor ERP.

Monitor ERP

Remote work in Monitor ERP

Currently, Monitor ERP is not available as a web-based system. This means that theoretically, we would need to be present at the customer’s location to perform the bookkeeping. However, it is not practical for us with the number of Monitor customers we have. Instead, we use remote desktops to connect to the customer. To reach the customer where they are, they need either:

1. An external server to which we can connect.

2. A computer used solely for our connection.

The advantage of option 1 is that it works very smoothly, and for large companies, it is also a security issue. The advantage of option 2 is that it is considerably cheaper than acquiring a server. All you need is a computer. If you have your own IT contact person, you can check with them for the cost and which option they recommend for you. If you do not have one or would like advice on how other companies have done it, you can call us for guidance.

Modules in Monitor ERP

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If a customer already does bookkeeping in Monitor ERP and switches to us, we only need to create a solution so that we can access the server/computer at the customer’s premises.

If a customer contacts us who hasn’t done bookkeeping in Monitor ERP previously, we need to create a remote solution and also transfer their previous bookkeeping data to Monitor ERP. Typically, one year’s worth of data is transferred to Monitor ERP, and the remaining data is stored separately elsewhere. If the customer wishes, we can also import several years of data into Monitor ERP to provide a longer historical perspective for comparison, but this takes more time. We handle the transfer process, and we have direct contact with Monitor ERP in case any problems arise. Therefore, the customer does not need to participate in the actual work beyond providing the data from previous years. However, the customer should expect the transfer process to take approximately one month. The actual work doesn’t take that long, but there is a lot of waiting involved to receive data from other sources.

In principle, it’s possible to manage all accounting through Monitor ERP; the only thing currently missing is a payroll module.

It’s difficult to give a straightforward answer to this question as it varies from case to case. Monitor ERP uses Maventa, so if you are already using Maventa, it should probably work. Please contact us, and we will find out individually for your case.