Staff leasing and recruitment as well as accounting


Dobra became the owners' solution to find competent workforce

The founders of Dobra all have experience as entrepreneurs themselves. They discovered the lack of skilled workforce in the metal industry and decided to start a company to address the difficulties they had encountered. Initially, Dobra offered staffing services, but since then the company has expanded its operations and now provides staff leasing and recruitment as well as accounting. The purpose of these services is to simplify entrepreneurship, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their core business.

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Dobra offers personnel leasing-, recruitment-, change negotiations-, HR-, and accounting services, and our mission is to make it as easy as possible for the customer.

Personnel leasing and recruitment services are designed to help companies meet both long-term and short-term staffing needs.

Change negotiations- and HR-services assist companies with the administrative aspects associated with employees.

Accounting is familiar to every entrepreneur, there is much more to it than just statutory bookkeeping. We advise our clients on tax issues, investments, depreciations, and many other areas so that they can stay on top of their finances and make informed decisions to achieve the best possible profitability.

Simple, fast, and risk-free

Personnel Leasing

Personnel leasing is a service that allows companies to temporarily, project-based, or long-term access the workforce they need, especially during peak workloads or urgent periods. Customers don’t have to worry about administrative matters that come with hiring a person; instead, Dobra takes care of salaries and collective agreement follow-ups, etc.

Free up more working time!


Recruitment is a good option when you don’t want to use your own working time to search for personnel. Reviewing applications, conducting interviews, checking references, and complying with GDPR regulations require a lot of work. At Dobra, we have expertise in this area, and we have procedures and systems in place to make it as quick and smooth as possible.

Solve labor shortages with international experts!

International Recruitment

International recruitment is the process where companies search for labor from different countries to meet their specific needs. This may be necessary due to special skills or a lack of local labor. International recruitment typically involves handling complex immigration and visa processes, cultural sensitivity, and language skills. Dobra has been working with different nationalities from the beginning and finds experts for various tasks!

Straightforward and rapid change!

Change negotiations services

Change negotiations services support companies throughout the entire transition negotiations, from exploring possibilities and interpreting laws to creating necessary documents. We also facilitate discussions with employees and offer support in job searches. If needed, we can temporarily place personnel in other companies to retain them within the organization.

Check out our customer stories

AMADA Automation Europe hired an employee through Dobra when the number of applicants decreased for certain positions. "I would recommend companies to try it! Cooperation with Dobra has been a good experience, a functional alternative that we can also use more in the future. It's a good way to get help during peaks and for shorter or longer periods." -Magnus Björkskog