JRT Bygg gained industry knowledge from their accountants

Who are you and what does your company do?

My name is Tommy Tupeli, and I have been with JRT Bygg since the company’s inception. I work as
the CEO and handle sales and other administrative tasks. As the name suggests, JRT Bygg is a
construction company that has primarily worked on industrial halls and larger residential buildings.
We currently have 6 employees at JRT Bygg, and many have been with us since the beginning. Much
has changed in the company since its establishment, and now all accounting is handled electronically.

How does your accounting look today compared to before?

When we were a smaller company, we managed our accounting on paper, but now everything is
done electronically. In hindsight, I realize that we could have adopted electronic accounting earlier,
even though it requires resources to learn how everything works. However, in the long run, it saves
time. The most important thing is that the time saved covers the costs of the software. I found it easy
to learn and use the program they utilize.

Currently, we save a lot of time by having an electronic system to manage our operations. To make
the most of electronic accounting, you need to know what data you want to obtain. Then you need
to figure out how to extract the desired data. In that process, Dobra has been helpful in explaining
the possibilities of retrieving data in the accounting system according to our needs. Finally, you need
to have follow-up to see if a project went as planned. Dobra has also been helpful in this aspect,
functioning as a financial advisor and explaining figures to us. When it comes to inquiries, it is much
quicker and easier to find information in an electronic system than having everything in folders.

How do you view communication with your accountant?

So far, the communication has been very good. Whenever we ask the right questions, we have
received answers. If we haven’t received an immediate response, someone from Dobra has followed
up and contacted us with the answer. Dobra has also taken the initiative to contact us when they
noticed that something seemed to be going off track or if something should be changed in advance,
which we greatly appreciate.

I appreciate straightforward communication, and Dobra is good at that. I also appreciate that Dobra
operates locally. When needed, they welcome customer visits and can even come to the customer if
the customer wishes. In some cases, it could be beneficial to have more regular meetings, but I have
found it to work very well to have them as needed in our case. Despite being a growing company,
Dobra has been able to maintain a personalized level of customer service.

Regarding industry-specific questions, Dobra has been very helpful to us. We do a lot of construction
work for property and housing companies. In those cases, there are many tax regulations and laws
that one should be aware of. Dobra has been able to provide advice on how to do things correctly
and in accordance with the law, as well as how to save the most money. If necessary, Dobra has also
resolved issues with the tax authorities. It is very convenient and straightforward to have an
accountant and advisor as the same person.

How was the transition to Dobra?

Before switching to Dobra, we used the same software that we currently use, so in my opinion, the
transition to Dobra was very easy. We provided Dobra with our login information to our system, and
they continued where the previous accountants left off. Of course, there is some work involved since
a lot of information resides in the previous accountant’s memory and certain things were
communicated verbally, but such things can also happen internally in many companies when contact
persons change frequently. We have had the same contact person at Dobra since the beginning, and
we have been very satisfied with that.

The most important aspect in choosing an accountant is getting what you pay for. Service is the most
critical factor as long as the price is at a good level. It is difficult to find excellent service at the lowest
price, but I think Dobra provides very good service at a fair price. Certainly, you can find cheaper
prices or good service elsewhere, but Dobra has really succeeded in combining these two

What do you think about the pricing?

At Dobra, we appreciate that they have offered us a fixed cost. We understand that costs can vary
based on workload, but we like the system of having a fixed price as long as possible without surprise
costs. We currently have a fixed cost, and if either party realizes that the company has grown to a
point where the prices are no longer sustainable, we have a discussion and get a new fixed price for
the time being. This way, we know what we will pay next month. I don’t like the way many others
operate, invoicing extra for phone calls and such things.

I can recommend others to use Dobra, and we are very satisfied so far!