International recruitment

Solve the labor shortage
with international experts!


Solve the labor shortage with international experts!

The recruitment of international experts becomes increasingly relevant every year when Finland’s own workforce is not sufficient. Every company needs to assess whether the required workforce is available in Finland or if they need to compete with other companies and raise wages. If you choose international recruitment, a whole new world of expertise becomes available to you. However, it comes with some challenges, such as the need to register employees with Migri, the magistrate, and tax authorities, depending on how long they will stay in Finland. There are many different rules, and compliance is not easy. At Dobra, we work on these issues daily and have processes for when and to which authorities employees need to be registered correctly and how we can get employees to Finland as quickly as possible.


Hire or Lease?

The client decides whether they want to hire or directly recruit a person we have sourced from abroad.

Hire workforce

  • Dobra takes care of finding a person.
  • An employment contract is made between the client company and the worker.
  • Responsibility is transferred to the client after the person starts working.
  • Dobra can help with finding accommodation and handle necessary registrations.
  • If the worker does not perform as promised or leaves within 6 months, we will search for a new one at no cost.
  • 50% is paid before the start of work and 50% upon successful recruitment.

Lease workforce

  • An employment contract is made between Dobra and the worker.
  • The client company has a trial period of up to 6 months.
  • The client has the option to take over the worker at no cost after 8 months.
  • Dobra finds an apartment that they rent out to the worker.
  • No recruitment costs; instead, a fixed hourly rate is invoiced based on worked hours.
  • Sick pay, holidays, days off, etc., are covered by Dobra as long as the worker is employed through them.

Service Offering

Why Dobra and what do we offer?

Finnish authorities


Registration with Finnish authorities is relatively straightforward once you know which documents need to be submitted and at what stage. At Dobra, we have streamlined the process, so we know immediately which documents each authority requires, allowing us to quickly and easily obtain the permits employees need to work and reside in Finland.

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Solving leased a foreign worker and received help to address labor shortages


If a customer rents an employee from us, the customer can terminate the contract without notice during the probation period. The probation period is half the duration of the contract but no more than 6 months. If a customer wants to terminate the contract after the probation period has ended, the terms of the applicable collective agreement apply, or they wait until the fixed-term contract expires. If a customer wants us to recruit directly for them, they must ensure that the employment contract includes a probation period with the

We search for employees according to the customer’s needs and in countries where we feel we have enough contacts to conduct professional recruitment. Currently, we can handle recruitments in Europe without any issues and in large parts of Asia. Within the EU, the process is very fast if you want an employee for Finland. In that case, we can obtain all the necessary documents before the employee arrives in Finland. If we are recruiting from outside the EU, the process takes much longer because we need approval from Migri. The
duration of the process varies between 1-6 months depending on Migri’s workload.